Here’s to the women who dare to change the world with love


Here's To The Women Who Dare To Change The World With Love.

Here's to Us. The Modern-Day Old-Souls. The Artemis's, Quan Yin's + Kali’s. The Empathic Empresses. The New-Age Warrior Women.

Here's to the women who for the last few years have been doing the fucking work and paving the way.

The women who have been coming to terms with this "spiritual awakening" thing despite it shaking their whole lives upside down.

The women who didn’t even know WTF “soul” or “spiritual” truly meant but now throw it around like no one’s business.

The women who have been swapping textbooks for astrology workshops.

The women who have traded Friday night drinking and dancing, for researching soul mates, twin flames and tantra.

The women who have realised they have a deep fucking calling here and been brave enough to follow this, even if it's meant quitting their job, changing careers, starting their own businesses, finding coaches, investing in programs, and immersing in teachings to reconnect them to the TRUTH of who they are and why they are here.

The women who have been bold enough to start teaching and leading; sharing their wisdom along the way - despite others questioning, doubting and ridiculing them. Despite others saying they are woo woo and crazy. Despite fucking anything.

The women who have been building fucking empires while the world sleeps (to help them understand what's going on when they wake up).

The women who have remembered they are empresses, goddesses, priestesses, and keepers and teachers of sacred wisdom, here to assist in this collective evolution of humanity. And they’re eerily cool with that.

The women who (maybe sometimes) do their souls-work half-naked in bed with red wine in one hand with their crystals nearby, because they fucking can.

The women who don't fucking care anymore about suppressing their truth to fit into a world that they were never born to fit into.

The women who are no longer afraid of pulling out their favourite deck of tarot cards at a breakfast catch up and diving straight into a conversation about planetary energies and their full moon intentions.

The women who have been called to move cities, states, countries - and have - even if it's illogical to others, because they now understand they are a mystical part of the universe and Gaia, and they have a role to play in collective healing.

The women who have been learning how much the patriarchal system suppressed their intuition and natural magic from an early age - and have learnt to express it again (even when they’ve felt like a crazy mofo).

The women who instead of hating on men, have been doing the work to heal their inner-masculine, and balance their inner-energies.

The women who took time to understand how suppressed their divine feminine power has been and instead of playing victim to this, have chosen to take radical responsibility for all the times they have given their power away - and chosen to draw a line in the sand to say NO MORE.

The women who know the colour of their skin doesn't determine the colour of their hearts; who have deeply acknowledged the role of westernisation and white privilege on the world, and who have refused to shy away from having the hard conversations (with themselves AND others).

The women who have dared to stand up, speak up and be a shining pillar of Hope in a world full of chaos. Who dare to believe the world can change. Who dare to overcome the heaviness of fear, judgment and doubt from others trying to bring them down. Who dare to be nothing short of a fierce role model and raging advocate for unity, trust and acceptance, no matter what.

The women who have gotten really fucking clear on their relationships - and have been bold in breaking up with partners, changing friendships, distancing from anyone not serving their highest soul growth - even when this broke their fucking hearts at times and made them question whether they wanted to be on board with this whole damn awakening at all.

The women who've had to learn that Self-Love is not fucking bubble baths but it's confronting the darkest of fucking dark inside you - and learning to love yourself there, too. Even though the world told us those bits were imperfect and unloveable.

The women who have learnt to love themselves so fiercely for the first time in their lives that they refuse to settle for anyone who is not the ultimate reflection of them.

The women who know what true loneliness is, because of their unwillingness to settle.

The women who have fucking kids and marriages and juggle all this shit at once. The ones who meditate, journal and manage to get their kids dressed and to school on time... (I fucking BOW DOWN to you!)

Here’s to the women who bravely surrendered to a greater calling with no clear path.. and in doing so.. unexpectedly became a master of worlds, learning how to weave their magic, passion and ancient wisdom into modern-day materialism.

Here's to the women who know they are here to lead the world, but know that true leadership is embodied leadership so they continue to do the work.. The work that no one else sees.

Here’s to the women who ARE changing the world, every single day, with Love.


Here’s To Us.

Tessa Alexa