When you get to Earth, you will forget why you came.


And when you get there, you will forget why. You will forget why you've chosen to be there. In fact, you will forget it was your choice at all.

You will forget that you mapped out your own pathway and the lessons you chose to experience; and any missions you chose to fulfil. You will wake up one day, as if you've never been asleep, and you will be in a body you do not recognise. You will feel a little confined. Perhaps, a lot. You will see the world around you and be confused. Sometimes you will feel like an outsider, merely peeking in at this dimension wondering what your purpose is. You will get distracted. The fear will consume you. You will see people you love die around you. You will see people you love not be able to love themselves. You too will forget how to love yourself, and this will cause you the most pain of all.

You will forget that you are the universe experiencing itself in human form. You will forget the power of Love, and that you are in fact, Love. Instead you will get caught up in stories of how powerless you are as a human. When you find this out, don't be angry. It's okay. Remember, you knew you would forget. In fact you are going to forget all of this that we are telling you now too. You will have access to all the answers though. You are equipped with an internal tracking system to ensure you return home to your truth; to ensure you remember. This is the one thing which will save you from madness. This is the one thing which will be always be guiding you, even when you feel the whole world is against you. This one thing is your heart.

Your heart will never stop talking to you, never stop guiding you, never stop whispering the truth. When you let go of the fear from your mind and follow this voice in your heart, you will begin to remember. This is the key. This will be the secret. When you hear that voice from within - even if you do not understand it - you must learn to listen. You must learn to trust yourself, and something greater than yourself.

You will look to the stars, often. You will be curious. They will entrance you. Let them. Never stop looking at the stars. Never stop asking who you really are and why you're really there. Listen to your heart for answers. Listen to your passions, the joy, the bliss. You will bring yourself to life when you bring your passion to life in this world. That thing you keep being told to do from your heart - do it. Please do it. When you do, you will remember everything. You will remember who you truly are and experience the most glorious awakening. You will understand why you put yourself through apparent pain. You will remember. And it will be glorious.

With your permission, we will help you as much as we can from this side to awaken you down there to this voice within. Sometimes this may mean we need to highlight pain or darkness or polarity, in order for you to begin questioning what you know to be true. It may mean health breakdowns, relationship changes, or life+death crises in some form. It will appear chaotic to you but please know how much we love you and are here to support you.

You are not alone in this journey.

Tessa Alexa