A bit psychological, a bit philosophical, a bit poetic.
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Are you ready to become a WILDLY-Authentic Superhero?

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Women: Our next intake begins Mid-April 2019 - Apply ASAP. Men: The AOA Brotherhood, now co-facilitated by two of our male Superhero graduates, is open for enrolment anytime throughout the year.

Apply + schedule your enrolment call with Tessa Alexa using the link below to find out more.

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Educating the mind without educating the heart- is no education at all.
— Aristotle


"It is like a magic door opened since I made the decision to work with you"

"My first session with Tessa was the most profound experience in my life; it was exhilarating and joyful and for the first time I felt like I had come home such deep love and trust."

"I realise now that my psychologist and OT, although lovely people, are only providing me bandaid solutions for my anxiety, depression and physical illness. AOA has helped me understand the core reason for the manifestation of my mental and physical health problems, and taught me how to address them from within. I am so grateful to be part of it!"

"After being referred to Tessa by a close friend who had some of the biggest breakthroughs of their life, I had reached a point where I knew I couldn’t keep living my life the way I had if I didn’t make some really big changes. After our first intro call, I just knew Tessa was the one to help me see through the patterns I needed to break and the changes I needed to make. I’m still on my journey (and always will be), but the shifts have already been so profound and I cannot put a value on the positive impact having Tessa on my team is."

"I am grateful to be studying at the best university in the world... the Academy of Authenticity."

"I am so honored to be working with a mentor who beyond any doubts walks the talk and knows just what it takes to nudge us in the direction of our heart- where all the answers lie. AOA has opened my heart beyond what I ever thought was possible and there's no looking back. For once you know, you simply can not 'un-know'. Gratitude. Endless Gratitude and so much love"

“Where was this when I was 21?” Why aren’t they teaching this in schools?”

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Will you be joining us? 


"Tessa, you scare the crap out of me and you see through my BS, self-sabotage and my stories like no one else does. What I love about you is that you're not afraid to tell me what you really think... Time to break through and finally be free." 

"After two sessions with Tessa, it was like a padlock was cut off the chains, and I learned to fully appreciate myself and break free from a lot of the negative self talk, and overly defensive emotional responses I had learned."

"Tessa Alexa has a way of coming into people's lives when most needed and she has entered mine just as I was ready to meet her. I was in a very low point in my life. Since hitting that low I got the opportunity to change the way I think. 

So excited to be a part of this family... I'm honoured to be around like minded people who share the same courage and determination to be the change this world needs." 

"When I first heard Tessa's story I was instantly drawn to taking part in the Academy of Authenticity, her mission spoke to me deeply and feeling like I was in a deep rut, I knew I needed all the AOA that I could get."

"I am a longtime convert/disciple of Tessa's, from way back when she had this crazy concept of "I think I could just come and sleep on people's couches and work with them on them, I'll just call it Tessa Time". Yes, it was a crazy concept, but the day I saw her breakthough with her truth was well timed with a personal breakdown of my own so I gave her my last $300 bucks and the rest is history...

Since then I have worked through a spate of personal issues and conditioned responses and am now living in a space I would often call 'Happiness' and have allowed myself and my business to exist in a much larger space of abundance. I now have an arsenal of tools at my disposal to get my self through everyday life, and as the Academy grows I am part of a network of loving souls whose collective passion for love supports me in to helping myself and nurtures the big steps I now take." 

"I started following Tessa when I was pretty lost.. I didn't know what love was..." 

"I tried on every costume in the book, every hair color under the sun, every 'persona ' that held a possibility of belonging. Until there were no more places to go. No more places to hide. When I knew WHAT I had to do but not HOW. And then the teacher appeared. ( cue Tessa!) And I just knew..

The best thing I've done for ME ever. 
I LOVE Emotion-Mindset. I LOVE Tessa time. I LOVE real conversations. I LOVE this dance of life. THIS is where I'm meant to be"

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WILD-Authenticity (noun): a way-of-being in which one displays raw, untamed courage in embracing and expressing their truest self, heart’s desires and intuitive calling for aliveness.
— Tessa Alexa


(feedback after two wildly-authentic hours on stage)


“You just helped me understand my entire life for the first time ever.. thank you, thank you” 

"You have no idea what you have helped me with thank you thank you thank you!"

“Your session was the most energetically charged I’ve ever felt. You helped me understand so much. My life is not what it was... and will never be the same. Massive gratitude” 

“I avoided you before because you were too deep.. but you did something to me today... you bought things to the surface that others never have, thank you” 

“Thank you for giving yourself permission to channel your divinity, it gave me permission to do the same!” 

"You are an incredible speaker, with a mind-blowing message. Thank you so much!"

“Thank you for speaking this weekend- thank you for opening up the hearts of the men in the crowd”

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Tessa Alexa Stanford is the Founder of Academy of Authenticity.


She merges psychology, philosophy and her poetic ways to teach a revolutionary field of “True-Self Education" where she brings the SOUL back to psychology. 


She envisions a Wildly-Authentic world where courage is mainstream, following your heart is no longer taboo and True-Self Suppression no longer exists.


Through her range of therapeutic education programs and online courses, Tessa teaches her students how to harness vulnerability, bring their unique vision to life, and utilise their voice powerfully - in order to create tangible social change in their families, workplaces and wider communities.

I am not vulnerable because I am powerful, peaceful and free. I am powerful, peaceful and free because I am vulnerable.
— Tessa Alexa